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Debrecni Zita is an Hungarian model.
Pretty and hot.

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Debra Lynn Messing,nasceu a 15 de Agosto de 1968,em brooklyn New York,USA.
Red hairde american actress,known better known for her role in TV Sitcom Will & Grace.
A hot Milf.
A talented woman,Debra Messing can make a mess out of your libido...

Delta Goodrem,nasceu a 9 de Novembro de 1984 em Sydney,New South Wales,Australia.
Musician ,singer and son writter,Delta Goodrem was a smash super hit on the early 2000's ( Born to Try was her first big success)not only for her nice songs but also for her looks and beauties.
Going up the charts Delta,she was also in the spotlight for her relation with tennis Aussie player Leyton-Hewitt.
Named after a Joe Cocoker's song
Allthough starting at the age of 15 her musical career,she stopped to beat a Hodgkyn Lymphoma at the age of 18.
She won and like a good river arrived in a beautiful lyric Delta of beauty,glamour and music

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