Emilie Marie "Voe" Nereng,nasceu em Honefoss,Noruega,a 3 de Novembro de 1995.
She is only 16,going on 17,yet she is the most beautifull woman in the world.
Blonde,blue eyes with a perfect face,she is the REAL SNOW WHITE PRINCESS!!
Out of a fairy tail from ice cold Norway,Emilie became famous as a blogger ( yeah we are colleagues ) ,and her beauty made her begin a modelling career on part time.
She says she loves cheering,dancing,singing and of course...blogging.
Also Emilie finds school to be "oh so boring"....
Now the wuestion is,if she is stunning at 16,now 17,how will she evolve...will she become even hotter,or time will damage her sooner then exoected?.
For now Emilie is "THE BEAUTY" per se...and oh so very hot...and to be honest,I dont really care if she s only 17....she is Flawed to perfection....

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