Amelia Racine,is a Canadian Model ,but she was born in São pulo Brazil,wich explains her captivating beauty.
With several photossets including some topless pics,Amelia Racine is hot to the extreme of heat.
Can you take it...?

AMELIA March HEINLE Luckinbil,nasceu a 17 de Setembro de 1973 em Casa Grande,Arizona,USA.
This American actress got famous taking a part in many TV Soap Operas in the late 80's and early 90's,specially as Mia Saunders in "All of my Children".

AMELIA THAN AYE,nasceu a 24 de Junho de 1989 em Sydney,Mew South Wales,Australia.
Australian slim Model,whose cute skf sexy pics launched her into the fashion world,with her cute expressive face.

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