Chloe Grace Moretz,nasceu a 10 de Fevereiro de 1997,em Atlanta,Georgia,USA.
At the age of 13 she was cute,at the age of 14 she was strangelly appealling in an innuendo of teen forbidden sexualittywith a lot of intensitty,now at the 15 of age...Chole Grace Moretz is the hottest most dangerous,lmost wanted,"jailbait" in Hollywood and across the globe.
Bed sultry eyes,luscious sweet lips,surprising desirable sexy legs,and a very special innuendo in her eyes,lips and expression.
Let Me In ; Texas Killing Fields and Carrie are some fo the main movies she's been in.
And Chloe seems to handle it just fine,enjoying and dealing with her sexual appeal with no problem,wearing high heels,short skirts and transparencies roughly disguised by underware....

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