Laura Dore nasceu a 28 de Abril de 1986 em Austin,Texas,USA.
In the early begginings,Laura was a shy girl from Austin , Texas.
In 2006 she began her modelling career and was csouted by Cummings Media.
With urband and glamour lifestyle influence,laura lost her shy atittude,posing in lingerie and semi nude pics,for several magazines,including FHM or XXL Candy.
She also done some modelling for hip-hop videos in kanye West and jamie Foxx Videos.
Later she adopted and alais,Sweetie Cyanide,to express the darkest part of her mind.
She loves burlesque and fetish modelling.
Laura Doré,for her future endeavours,promisses to continue to explore,the world of burlesque,glamour,fashion,pinup and fetish modelling with an elevation of art.

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