Courtney Prather,nasceu a 2 de Junho de 1986 em Orange County,USA.

Stunning athletic body.
One of the most beautifull and hot fitness models/Athlete in the world.
Perfect toned body,gorgeous face..what more can you wish for?

Here is an interview from CuteandJack:

Do you tame your stomach and make any count the calories ou eat?

" Not anymore! In the beginning, it is important to track what you eat and measure your food so you can really see what you are putting in your mouth and have a starting point to make adjustments to. I was obsessive with keeping journals and measuring food for about the first 6 months. But now I can tell you how many calories are in all the foods I eat off the top of my head and can portion out ½ cup of this or 5 oz of that like a pro haha! The only food group I occasionally measure is my complex carbs because the last few weeks before a show it is crucial to be exact with those while cycling. But like my trainer, Ryan Bentson, says…”No one ever got fat off lean protein,” I eat as much of that as I need. ☺"

you re a successfull woman.What are u most proud of?

"I am most proud of the changes I have made to my physique and the improvement in my self esteem as a result. I made a commitment almost a year ago to live a fit, healthy lifestyle and sticking to it is rewarding both physically and emotionally!"

Whats your longest brake from training?

"Since I started seriously training the longest break I have had is 10 days while I was in Thailand after my first competition. I tried to find a gym when I could but it just wasn’t the same intensity level. I came back and had a lot of work to do! Although I think that was due to the insane amounts of Pad Thai and not the missed workouts"

Favourite atheletes and fitness models?

"Amanda Latona and Jamie Eason are two of my favorite fitness models. I really admire how down to earth they are despite all the success; I hope to follow in their footsteps!"

What Cardio worked best for you?

"I have a very petite structure so my biggest focus is adding muscle. For that reason, I mainly do steady state cardio on the stair climber or incline treadmill and keep my heart rate around 65-75% of max. I need to preserve my muscle while still burning fat!"

Whats your diet?

"I generally have a daily diet that looks like this:
Meal 1: ½ Cup of oatmeal, egg whites
Meal 2: 4 - 5oz of lean protein (chicken, fish, lean ground turkey) and lots of veggies
Meal 3: 4 - 5 oz of lean protein, veggies, 4oz of sweet potato or brown rice
Meal 4: 4 - 5 oz of lean protein, lots of veggies
Meal 5: 4 oz chicken and big salad
Meal 6: (If I am still awake) egg whites
My diet can change as I get closer to a show and I carb cycle as well, but my day to day diet is pretty consistent with the example above."


"I keep it pretty simple and take a daily multivitamin, Vitamin C, glutamine and BCAAs"

Advices for people to have a body like yours:

  1. Be consistent with the diet! Winning the mental battle of avoiding temptation and keeping the diet clean is #1. People always ask what I do for my abs, the truth is- nothing! I just eat clean all the time- no amount of crunches will make up for bad eating habits.
  2. Do your research! I spend a ton of time online finding blogs with great recipes, tips from other models, or learning from the people I look up to in the industry. Eating clean does not have to be boring, so don’t torture yourself! Finding clean alternatives for some of my old favorites has helped keep me sane and consistent.
  3. Don’t do it alone. If you don’t have a trainer or a workout buddy, go online! and Bodyspace are great places to start to connect with others with similar goals and tons of sample diet and workout plans. I have learned so much from others, that it saves a lot of trial and error and can get you to your goals quicker!"

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