Nascida a 3 de Março de 1986 em Londrin,Paraná,Brasil,Elisangela Rechi e uma delicia,umas das mais perfeitas e belas maravilhas do mundo moderno.
This Brazilian model is beautifull,sexy,and so hot she´ll drive you stone cold crazy.
Not shy,with a Playboy phoitoset,Elisangela Rechi is one of the most stunning women in this planet.
And here is a little Q&A with this beauty,in a nice bacl and forth between this Vampire and this BEauty:

A remarkable feature: My look.

Outgoing or shy?

Child’s dream?
Being a model.

Consumer’s dream:
Owing my first million.

Sexy, diva or cool? I am a little bit of each.

Inspirational muse:
My mother.

A city:
Paris and Nassau.

A technology:
The internet.

TV x Cinema: Both.

Do you have any collections? No.

A habit: Shoe shopping.

In God only. Only he moves mountains. Without God, we are nothing.

Taking pictures.

The perfume of success:
Jean Paul [Gaultier].

Beauty, what’s your secret?
Believing I can do it and high self esteem.

What is always in your purse?
My cell phone and perfume.

A man is sexy when he wears…
Jeans and a basic shirt.

What is essential in an ideal man?
Respect and companionship.

Dominated or dominatrix?
It depends on the occasion, but more dominatrix.

Have you ever read the Kama Sutra?
Not yet.

A place, something to do or something to see:
A beautiful place, something that makes me happy with the person who makes me happy.

How do you see the idea of becoming a muse after posing for BellaClub?
I’m happy for the invitation and also to be a part of a team with such beautiful models such as Bella.

How do you see yourself: I search for happiness as far as it may be and try to make anyone who is by my side happy as well. I am sure about what I want and I believe I’ll go far with my modesty and good humor. I hope I bring smiles to the faces of those who supported me and are waiting to stand up and applaud me.   

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