Rachel Jade Bilson nasceu a 25 de Agosto de 1981,em Los Angeles,California,USA.
This Californian brunette ,born in LA,raised in San Diego,daughter of a sex-therapeutist (mom) and a writer/producer (dad) , had her first success in TV in the tv series,OC - Orange County.
Later she made her crossover to hollywood movies,where in her first role she made JAcinda BArret fiancee cheat on Jacinda with her ( just in the movies).
Still Rachel still is better known from her OC role.
Doll face,she was considered the new America´s Girlfriend,sweet looks and hot body,she finally unleashed her woman hotness (just a bit) in the movie The Jumper where she met her new Boyfriend hayden Christensen,after dumping Adam Brody her partner in OC.
However Rachel still claims to be a free single young woman.
This Girl Is Hot,but she can become much hotter if she unleashes her steam wid heat even more in the future.
Now,she also is MAgnum,the ice-cream commercial face,replacing (well indeed) Eva Longoria.
A sua carreira teve como trampolim a serie televisiva OC-A terra dos Ricos,destacando-se no filme Jumper ,e agora substituiu Eva Longoria como cara do gelado MAgnum.
Cara bonita,a namoradinha da America é sexy,mas pode ser ainda mais...e melhor...
Speaking of MAgnum...wanna a lick....?

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